AbAKUS it-solutions is seeking to hire talents passionate about IT not afraid to mix serious work and a bit of madness!Opportunities are numerous. From bare applications development to of IT infrastructures management including conception, architecture and requirements analysis.Although open to technologies used by our customers, AbAKUS it-solutions seeks mainly but not only consultants mastering: Windows and Linux Servers, networks, developments (JAVA, SAP, .NET,…) as well as highly specialised experts for example in cybersecurity or in Content Management System (CMS) (Sharepoint, Drupal, Weblogic…).

In terms of non-technical competencies, AbAKUS it-solutions hires dynamic persons, open to the world, interested by innovation and having a keen sense of client relationship.

AbAKUS it-solutions has revised completely  its recruitment process! Less administrative work means more time to take care of the candidates.

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We care about the people and for us respect, mutual aid, fun and working in an amazing, interesting and comfortable environment are of upmost importance!

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ABAKUS it-solutions Expert in IT comfort!

We are currently looking for:

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    What we have to offer: the chance to join a team of experts providing IT comfort not only in an enjoyable and professional working atmosphere, but also in an enterprise where mutual respect, family, health and humanitarian values are important.
    We are constantly searching for new talents!

    Join a company where a bit of madness and serious are not incompatible!

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